The Company With A "Catchy" Name
We have over 15 years in Custom Programming Experience.We use Magic Software to build custom menu driven programs for clients that need software that does exactly what they need.


Are you tired of small Canned programs that won't do what you need?


Are you tired of big Canned programs that are so complicated that you only use a fraction of their capabilities but have to weed through scores of menus for a basic report?

Then our Custom Development using Magic might just be for you.

We have experience in the following areas.

  • Automotive Billing - Handles both Retail & Wholesale, Computes employee commission income, Tracks vendor costs.
  • Stand alone Payroll
  • Stand alone Lease
  • Car Loan System - Computes payments, prints coupons,tracks late clients, compiles interest reports
  • Rules of 78's Loan Program
  • Water Management Systems
  • Commodity Programs
  • Bus Company including School bus tracking & coach bus tracking
  • Manufacturing

Contact Information:

Katchees Business Forms, Etc.
1061 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.
Suite 210
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

Phone: (208) 733-1410
Fax: (208) 733-6865